“Strange disease” in Eluru Andhra Pradesh, 500 affected

The no. of people affected by the mystery disease has gone up to 500. A person is reported dead due to the disease. The direct source of this disease is unknown. It is assumed that the cause is due to fish or vegetables. The air and water samples are clear. So, direct doubt goes to food.

The research shows a high level of lead and nickel in blood samples of the affected.

pic credit: indianexpress.com

The news broke out on 6 December when 55 people were admitted to having the same kind of sickness in Eluru Andhra Pradesh. It became 180 till Sunday morning. Patients were suffering from headaches, dizziness, and, vomiting. Doctors were puzzled as the patients were not related. Some of the patients have already recovered from the disease.

A special medical team visited the place to examine the situation.

Corona has already been a challenging disease for the whole world. Now, this disease has come with a new challenge for the medical departments.

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