Dehradun the hub of Education and research, the city of nature, beauty and culture is also famous for its local food. If you ask a Doonite what are the things that stand out for them about the city, it would be the beauty, nature, football and the mouth-watering food.

local food of Dehradun
street food

It is so lucky being born in a city which offers such a rich diversity of cuisines. From Buffet to Pahalwan Parantha Dhaba the food of Dehradun is loaded with many culinary delights. Here we present you our list of top 10 famous local foods of Dehradun.

1. BUN TIKKI (Best local food)

local food of Dehradun
bun tikki

 One of the most famous and oldest local food of Dehradun is Bun Tikki. Bun Tikki is a Tikki or a Patti made with Potato and Chana Dal flavoured with spices and served in a lightly toasted bun.

local food of Dehradun
bun tikki

Looks like a Burger but Bun Tikki tastes crispier and tastier than it. Served with curd and sweet chutney it can fill anyone’s mouth with water. Doonites (especially the youngsters) love Bun Tikki the most and almost each of them will have childhood memories with this delicious food item.


Momo’s(steamed dumplings) is a famous fast food all across the globe. People of almost every age group loves to eat momos. Momos are extremely popular in Dehradun and can be found in every kind of shop from restaurants to street vendors.

local food of Dehradun 
chinese food

In Dehradun, people usually prepare momo’s with 2 recipes i.e either they cook them with proper Chinese style or just give them a traditional Garhwali flavour by adding Jakhya (seed of Cleome Viscosa) plant for stuffing and Koda(Finger Millet) for making the dough. Doonites love eating momo’s because they are available in different varieties and are so good to taste.

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One of the most famous and tasty local food of Dehradun is Chhole Puri. Nothing can be more satisfying than a bowl of hot chole(chickpeas) and crispy puris.

local food of Dehradun
chole puri 
street food

The spicy chole and crispy puris can be normally seen at many roadside vendors all across the city. Besides the fact that Chhole Puri is being made in almost every kitchen of North Indian family, it is the permanent breakfast of the labour class living in Dehradun who are looking for a proper meal at a low price.


Unique among India’s mouthwatering food culture, the food of five southern states are known for fresh and bold flavours. South Indian Cuisine is very popular not only in the southern area but all across the country.

local food of Dehradun
south indian food

Amongst them, the craze of Dosa remains always on the top. Dosa is a rice pancake made from a fermented batter. The main ingredients of Dosa are rice and black gram. The people of Dehradun loves to eat almost every type of Dosa. This is the reason for the crowd outside almost every Dosa corner of the city.



Chowmein is a stir-fried noodles dish that is made both with and without meat. The dish is made from stir-fried noodles and mixed vegetables which is then flavoured with Chinese sauces.

local food of Dehradun
street food

Chowmein is a quite popular fast food and people love to eat this dish due to its tangy, smoky flavour and crispy texture. The distance between Uttarakhand and China is probably the main reason why there are so many similarities in the food culture of the two. Chowmein is one of the most popular food items that can be seen around restaurants and street corner carts all over the city.


local food of Dehradun
paneer samoa
indian fast food

Samosa is a triangular stuffed deep-fried snack very popular in India. The filling of samosa is usually made with potatoes, onions, peas, spices and herbs. It is very popular and on the list of favourite snacks of people due to its crunchiness from outside and spicy flavour from inside.

local food of Dehradun

Every state and city have their version of this deep-fried snack. The Paneer Samosa of Dehradun is the favourite of Doonites. It’s best because it gives people balanced nutrition of carbohydrates and protein.



local food of Dehradun
gol gappe
pani puri

Gol Gappe also is known as Pani Puri is an Indian originated snack. It is one of India’s favourite and common street food.

local food of Dehradun
gol gappe

It consists of round shaped hollow puris or balls filled with chaat masala, mashed potatoes, boiled gram, spices and mixture of flavoured water. The people of Dehradun(especially youngsters) loves to eat golgappe. The colourful water and crunchy puris can make everyone’s mouth filled with water.


There is no doubt that use of Kulhad(earthy clay cups) is bringing back the old tradition of India. If you have not yet had the chance to discover lassi through a Kulhad, we request you to not miss the opportunity.

local food of Dehradun
kulhad lassi

All these cups are 100% natural and the surface is not glazed, the earthy feel and scent allow you to truly relish your cup of lassi. Doonites love to have this cool and tasty Lassi even during winters.


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