Why we don’t trust God?

Some of you might find the blog incomplete and vague, but read it carefully you will gain a lot.
You can often listen people saying that I am atheist and that too proudly. Existence of God has always been a big question to human as well as science. We can see number of questions popping regarding believing in God. If you are a person who believes in God and says it in a group you might become the subject of joke or might humiliation.

People might start asking you questions like, have you ever seen God, if not why and do you believe in God and also how? Some people even consider God as their ultimate sponsor, who is responsible for every MISHAP in their life.

If you believe in God, people can ask you, if God is omnipresent and he is so powerful, why I have to face different problems in life, why people are dying, why people are being murdered or families are orphaned etc. Dear it is life and it is life and it goes that way.

God has not taken any responsibility, he has created this universe and has given you all the authorities and rights to live, now it is up to you how you make it. I’ve seen people saying that I was stuck in certain situation and I prayed to God but he did not come to help. Ok I have a question for them all, have you ever tried to cook vegetable? Most probably yes, so what do you do? You have to wash it, cut it, put it in a pan, add spices etc. Than you get to eat it right? That is the answer to your question, simple and sorted.

Let me tell you a short story. “ Once upon a time a village called Pamda was struck by flood, the water level was rising rapidly every second. Government ordered to evacuate the village as soon possible, the evacuation started, a team on truck came to a man and asked to come along with them but he refused saying God will help him, later the water level increased and a boat was sent for evacuation when boat came to the man he said no I won’t go in a boat the God will help me.

After few hours a final evacuation team came with a helicopter to take that man but he refused again that only God will help him. The water level increased and later the man died. When the man reached heaven he was very angry, God asked the reason, he said I died due to drowning and you did not come to help me why ? God replied son who do you think sent you the truck, boat and helicopter ?”Same is with us.

Believing in God or not believing in God is up to you. This is just a small note to tell you how to believe in God, because the only reason we don’t believe is God is that we have a lot of complaints against him. But do we really deserve to complain?

Have a look at you deeds.

Good vibes.

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