Baba Ka Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad opens new restaurant

Baba Ka Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad opens a new restaurant in Malviya Nagar. After being in controversy for more than a month, the owner has finally opened a restaurant.

In an interview with the ANI, he said, “We are very happy, God has blessed us. I want to thank people for their help. I appeal to them to visit my restaurant. We will serve Indian and Chinese cuisine here”. In a youtube video when the journalist asked who he would like to thank, he said ‘the people’. But when the journalist asked what he’d like to say to Gaurav, he said ‘dhanyawad, wo jaha bhi rahe khush rahe’.

Watch the video of Baba ka Dhabha new video

Baba ka Dhaba became famous after Youtuber Gaurav Wasan shot a video of him, tearfully expressing the condition because of the lockdown. That video was further shared by Vasundhara Tankha Sharma on Twitter.

Baba ka Dhaba was just a food stall and now, Kanta Prasad owns a restaurant in Malviya Nagar. In october baba filed a case against the Youtuber Gaurav Wasan complaning that he approached the couple to make a video of them. “When the video went viral and people started donating money Gaurav recieved the money and did not gave it to Kanta prasad” baba said in November.

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