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New twist in “Dilli Chalo”, Farmers call for Bharat Bandh on December 8

The government had, on Thursday, agreed to make a clutch of significant amendments to the Acts, to address the farmers’ concerns.

NEW DELHI: Looking to mount pressure on the centre against the government’s farm laws, the farmers announced Bharat Bandh on Tuesday (December 8)and threatened to intensify their agitation and block more roads leading to Delhi if the farm laws are not withdrawn.

The call for Bharat Bandh has come a day before the farmers’ scheduled talks with the government. According to sources, the government has worked out possible solutions to the provisions on which the farmer leaders have raised objections in a bid to break the deadlock. 

The announcement by the Samyukt Kisan Morcha came ahead of a crucial round of talks, scheduled on Saturday.

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The farmers said that they will block all roads to the capital, amid a stand-off with the government. They will also occupy all highway toll gates across the country and not allow the government to collect tolls as part of the December 8 strike. “More people will join our movement,” Harinder Singh Lakhowal, a leader of one of the protesting groups, told a news conference.

Meanwhile, a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking immediate removal of farmers who are protesting at the border areas of Delhi-NCR, Bar & Bench reported. 

Another farmer leader Hanan Mollah, a former MP, claimed that many more organisations are joining the movement every day and holding a protest in their districts across the country.

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