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Best 5 Honeymoon destinations in India

The wedding season is here. Couples plan their honeymoon months before the wedding. Nature-loving people like to spend their special days in the mountains, fun-loving like to visit places with a rocking nightlife, and so on. Couples want to enjoy and make the best use of their time. They want to create beautiful memories with their loved ones.
Here are the best honeymoon destinations…..


It is one of the most visited places in India and has been a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world.

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The place is very famous for its nightlife. Erotic beaches and fun-loving people are everywhere. It is the most developed state in terms of tourism. You can book the hotels according to your budget. This is the reason it is on our best honeymoon destination list.


The most artistic place in India. It is the land of royal palaces.

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If you and your partner are art-loving, then you should definitely visit this place. The state also has delicious food items and sweets. It is also famous for its folk music and dance. The handmade stuff is also beautiful. A part of this state is covered in desert. So, you can also take a camel ride with your partner.

Himachal Pradesh

It is the Switzerland of India. Beautiful hills, foggy weather, 2 cups of tea, and your soul mate, it’s enough to make a romantic date.

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It is mostly visited by couples on their honeymoon. There’s beauty everywhere. Besides this, there are many fun activities for couples. It is really one of the best honeymoon destinations. You can also buy Himachali caps as souvenirs.

Andaman and Nicobar

It is also becoming a very popular honeymoon destination.

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The beaches are alluring. It’s so peaceful and calming here. You can also enjoy adventurous activities like snorkeling and sea-walking with your partner.

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This is the most beautiful honeymoon destination in India.

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It is also known as paradise on earth. Dal lake should be added to your bucket list. The natural beauty here will blow your mind. Deodar and chinar trees, the aroma of vibrant flowers, it’s all worth visiting.

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